Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Rotation in RSHC

Since August 16th, a new team of professional rescuers from Centrospas unit starts to work: Pavel Shevlyakov, Alexander Zubov and Stanislav Isaev. They have wide practical experience of operations both in Russia and abroad, but each of them, being a multifaceted specialist, has his own favorite work area. Pavel Shevlyakov graduated from the Moscow Fire Academy, Alexander Zubov specializes in industrial alpinism, parachuting, and Stanislav Isaev is experienced lecturer apart from rescue professions.

They form the basis of the Center Operational Group, ready to go to emergency area for assessment, monitoring and consequences liquidation. In addition, they are instructors and will train colleagues from relevant structures of Serbia and Balkans. With the beginning of the academic year Russians will conduct lectures at the universities of Belgrade and Nis.

Welcome to Serbia, dear colleagues!