Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

The Russian helicopter crew met with mayor of Nis

MI-8 crew members, who by agreement between Moscow and Belgrade are fighting against fires in Serbia, were invited by the mayor of Nis Mr. Darko Bulatovic to visit the city hall as honorable guests on August 15th.

The meeting took place in warm atmosphere, which is typical for the Russian-Serbian relations. The mayor thanked Russians for the help provided to the Serbian people and confirmed on behalf of all city residents that it is pleasure for them to work together with their Russian friends.

The aircraft commander Vladimir Seryshev personally thanked the mayor and all citizens of Nis for the warm welcome and for the daily assistance provided to the crew. “Serbia is our second home!” - he said in conclusion.

At the end of the meeting, the mayor presented a new edition of the book about the city’s history to the crew and invited them to visit the city and its surroundings on an excursion that will be organized by the mayor's office at a time convenient for Russians.

The meeting was attended by the head of Nis Emergency Department Srdjan Mitrovic, coordinator from the Emergency Management Sector Sreten Dimitrijevic and RSHC leadership.

The crew of MI-8 is on duty at the Constantine the Great airport in Nis, ready to fly and to fight the fire any time by request of the Emergency Management Sector.