Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

The RSHC and disabled people in Serbia

In late July, the rescuers of the Center together with colleagues from the Team of Rescuers of Serbia and the Red Cross, participated in the all-Serbian humanitarian action - assistance in organizing the regatta "Drina unites us 2017" and ensuring security for its participants. The regatta is an rafting along the Drina river, held once a year for persons with disabilities of the «Everything is Possible» society.

As a result of the project, Assistant Minister of Labor, employment, veteran and social affairs Biljana Barosevic, whom the Government commissioned the organization of this humanitarian operation, thanked everyone who helped in its implementation. She specifically focused on the contribution of the RSHC and the high professionalism of its staff and presented a letter of gratitude to the Director of the RSHC Bojan Glamoclija.