Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Chronicle of MI-8 fight with fires on August 11th-12th

The Emergency Management Sector of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia is the headquarters of the fight against fires in the country. The information comes here, the most dangerous places are determined and decisions are made on the use of forces and means.

On August 11th, in the afternoon, a critical situation arose in the vicinity of the city of Bor (suburb Slatina). And MI-8 was sent here. Fire already covered more than 300 hectares in the uplands of Crni Vrh. Before dusk, the MI-8 crew fought with fire, coordinating their actions with the ground units of local firefighters. Then, they returned to the base in Nis. But the fire has not yet been extinguished and early in the morning there is another flight to the same area.

On August 11th and 12th, about 40 tons of water was dropped on the most inaccessible places of elevation. According to the ground service, about 80% of the fires were localized precisely because of these spillways.

Captain Vladimir Seryshev said: "Yesterday, when we flew to the region, it was a continuous sea of ​​fire ... We made four spillways, each with three tons of water, which significantly reduced the intensity of the fire and stopped its spreading to new sites. But the dusk that had come upon us made us return to Nis. This morning we flew to the disaster area and have already made 9 spillways in focus. The operation of the helicopter and the targeting of the discharges was complicated by a strong gusty wind. Together with the ground fire departments, the fire was mainly localized."

Firefighters remained in the area, checking for small fires and eliminating them.

The helicopter belonging to EMERCOM of Russia and its crew at the base in Nis continue to be on duty in readiness to fly out to fight new fires.