Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

RSHC and Serbian volunteers

By carrying out tasks to increase the training level of local rescuers, the Center cooperates with both professionals and volunteers, whose role is extremely important in Serbia.

Among the organizations of Serbian volunteers, the Serbian Rescue Team from Belgrade stands out for its training and equipment. The Russians from RSHC and Serbs passed complex exercises in Vladikavkaz mountains in 2016, together they ensured the safety of the Epiphany swim in Belgrade in January this year, and they were training at the Center’s ground “The Rescuer Path” in Nis.

They invited the Center’s staff to Lajkovac to take part in demonstration exercises for rescue from heights in urban conditions (elements of industrial alpinism) and to participate in the conference with presentation “RSHC: tasks and perspectives” on July 28th.

The next day, by the request from public organizations and the National Red Cross, the Center’s rescuers together with colleagues from the Serbian Rescue Team assisted in providing safety on the water to the participants of the regatta (the rafting on the Drina river) for persons with disabilities.