Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Russian humanitarians in Serbia

By chance, or perhaps driven by the desire to help to the Serbian people, two Russian organizations met in Serbia. Since 2012 RSHC helps the Serbian brothers to deal with natural and man-made emergencies and the Russian Humanitarian Mission - RHM - non-profit organization that carries out humanitarian, human rights and charitable activities to help to victims of national, religious and military conflicts. RHM develops and implements educational and medical programs, humanitarian projects with full logistic support.

On July 26th, RHM delegation headed by Yevgeny Primakov (the grandson of the most famous Russian minister of foreign affairs Primakov) during the business trip to Southern region of Serbia visited RSHC, where was warmly welcomed by the Center staff.

In the evening of the same day, after saying goodbye to the hospitable Center in Nis, the delegation went to the town of Medvedja, located just a few kilometers from the administrative border with Kosovo and Metohija. The trip purpose: humanitarian transfer of the medical ambulance vehicle equipped with the most modern equipment to the town residents. Of course, for someone it may seem little. What is a single car? But it's a gift from ordinary Russians, acquired on voluntarily collected funds and from the heart! Furthermore, according to Medvedja Health House administration, they were dreaming for a long time about such off-road car, which will be extremely useful for citizens of this mountainous region with heavy snowfall and not always good country roads.

The handover ceremony was attended by numerous guests including the Russian Ambassador A. Chepurin