Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Modernization of the Center

As already known, the Center’s structure was formed thanks to equipment from Russia - fire-rescue vehicles, robotics and reserves intended for use in the liquidation of consequences of emergency situations, such as fires and floods, and to ensure the actions of the personnel of the RSHC and Serb colleagues.

Over the past years of its work, much of this has been transferred to operational use by the units of the Serbian Emergency Management Sector branch of the Ministry of Interior and local authorities to eliminate local crisis situations, as well as international organizations to eliminate humanitarian problems by deploying points for admission and placement of migrants in Presevo, Kanjiza and Sid.

A powerful impetus for the development of the Center this year, was the decision of the Government of Serbia to transfer the ownership of the building in which RSHC is currently located, to the Ministry of Interior, which allows further work on its modernization and transformation into a logistics and training center.

Moscow from its side, within the framework of the Agreement between Russia and Serbia, continues to support the activities of the Center and, in particular, replenishing its reserves. This year, it is planned to supply 5 tons of materials used for the liquidation of emergencies - generators, beds, pillows and other, as well as equipment for creating a powerful training base “Sturm” test site, which is scheduled for delivery in December this year. After its installation and commissioning, the Center will become unique humanitarian structure in all the Balkans, where it will be possible to train not only representatives of various departments of Serbia, but also colleagues from neighboring countries. In addition, a significant amount of equipment was purchased in Serbia. The total cost of purchased goods is more than 400 thousand dollars.

Today, at the reception of the Russian cargo, there were guests - employees of the Emergency Management Sector of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia and a representative of the Russian Embassy in Belgrade.

All Center’s staff and all their friends are happy about this step in the development of the RSHC and hope for the revitalization of its activities!