Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

RSHC on Drina

While implementing the plan of main activities, Center's operational group took part in the regatta on Drina annual event. Practically it is rafting along the Drina River with a length about 30 km from Perucac to Rogacica, which was attended by more than 15,000 people from Serbia, Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria, Germany and other countries.

The Center's operational group at Regatta included three motorboats, transported by the Center's vehicles, solved several tasks: logistic on the 320 km route from Nis to Perucac, working out with time standards for boats loading and unloading, traffic convoy, communication on the route and camp deployment. In addition, the Serbian colleagues asked about the help with security measures on the water together with the Serbian rescuers, which was very useful – the Center staff rescued and delivered to local doctors three persons.

The rafting was attended by the Minister of Trade and Tourism Rasim Ljajic, who expressed the desire to be a member of Center's boat team under the command of the “Captain” Dmitry Korinij.

Of course, the Center's staff participating in the event was pleased to hear enthusiastic assessments of its work, same as RSHC activities in general.