Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

EMERCOM of Russia and Prokuplje

The town of Prokuplje is well known in the Russian Emergencies Ministry, because EMERCOM deployed mobile field hospital there during NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999. Russian personnel provided necessary medical assistance to all victims of the NATO air strikes there, and after the war the hospital was transferred to Serbs.

Citizens of this small town and its administration aim to decorate one of central buildings in Prokuplje with plaque that would commemorate those events from 1999.

Therefore, when the Russian staff of RSHC received invitation from the city mayor to attend the celebration of Prokuplje’s saint patron day - St. Procopius, the Center sent its representatives to meet with the city administration, its inhabitants, and to participate at the liturgy and cut the ritual bread.

Citizens remember the Russian hospital and their “brothers-Russians”! Thank you for the warmth, openness and hospitality, brothers!

As for the memorial plaque - we will do our best.