Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Another diplomats visited the Center

Last week, US Embassy representative visited RSHC for the first time in three years. Came, watched, questioned. Everything was shown. All questions were answered. As a result of his visit, the Center distributed a press release - brief and objective one. The answer was unexpected: “... the Center published release has not been agreed with the US Embassy and does not reflect its view!”

On July 18th 2017, demonstrating its openness and generosity, the Center hosted three military attaches from Embassies of Austria, Switzerland and Poland - Thomas Ahammer, Lars Vejlstrup, Zbigniew Rosinski.

Briefing, answering questions, showing depots and training facilities of the Center lasted more than three hours. European diplomats were informed about the Center contribution to the prevention and elimination of natural disasters consequences in Serbia and on Balkans, the legal basis for RSHC work, directions of activities both to expand the training base and to deliver a new batch of equipment for replenishing the Center reserves, and about training ground “Sturm”.

Guests asked about rescuers activities, conducting practical training courses for local professionals and volunteers, even the Center’s dog Alpa got attention.

Traditionally, there were a lot of questions about RSHC electronic center (CUKS), about the humanitarian demining unit, about the Center’s further development.

Diplomats from Austria and Switzerland were not the first time in RSHC. In December 2014 during the Serbian Minister of Interior Nebojsa Stefanovic visit, they attended a briefing and training exercises. Now they had the opportunity to see changes that took place in the Center. Together with RSHC specialists guests observed a difficult situation with forest fires on the Adriatic coast in real time.

The doors of the Russian-Serbian humanitarian center are open, we expect other representatives of the diplomatic structures, humanitarian organizations and emergency services of the region to visit us.