Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

RSHC development

It is important to note that RSHC material basis was created in 2013-2014, when funds and equipment intended for responding to emergencies and eliminating their consequences were received from Russia. There were firefight trucks, terrain vehicles "Niva", robotic complexes and property for the creation of reserves in the Center warehouse. Over the past three years of active humanitarian work, much of this has been transferred for operational use to Serb emergency units, much has been transferred free of charge to local authorities to eliminate local crisis situations, including everything necessary to deploy points for the reception and accommodation of migrants in Presevo and Kanjiza, and later in Sid.

In accordance with the Agreement signed between our countries, Russia assists in ensuring RSHC activities by replenishing its emergency reserves. And now, on July 24-25th, we are expecting the arrival of the first consignment of goods from Moscow (about 5 tons in weight). And more important, in the second half of this year, it is planned to supply the training ground "Sturm" in Nis. It consists of 6 containers with modern equipment for firefighters and rescuers training. The polygon is unique in its characteristics. Serbia will be the first country among the Balkan neighbors with such training potential, and the Center in Nis will be able to train its colleagues from the South-Eastern European countries.