Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Operational group from RSHC visits Drina

The RSHC core activity plan for 2017 includes a list of events related to the preparation of the Operational group (OG) staff for activities in emergency situations of a natural character and the organization of reconnaissance missions in order to get acquainted with the routes and potentially dangerous areas in the country.

In the period from 7th-8th June, the OG realized its planned activities in Ljubovija region on the river Drina, visiting the area in a strengthened composition - 3 rescuers, 3 motor boats and the accompanying group - interpreters and drivers. Their tasks were to get acquainted with the routes, checking the time intervals, the connection, the water training in places that are flood-prone, the practice of managing water vehicles in complex conditions (sprays, congestion, etc.). In addition, Emergency Management Sector of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia addressed the security assistance Center had provided during the traditional Drina 2017 regatta. The task was followed by the complexity of the route itself (Rogačica-Ljubovija), 43 km long.

RSHC rescuers kindly provided space in a boat for representatives of local and state self-governments as well as youth organizations.

The composition of the OG and the accompanying group successfully performed the tasks, and Serbian colleagues and guests highly evaluated the expertise of the Centospas group from EMERCOM of Russia.