Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

From Budapest to Nis

Contacts with Hungarian colleagues from the volunteer organization of the central region of Hungary (Buda) were established more than six months ago. Hungarians visited the Center and got acquainted with its training capabilities and training base. Then the staff of the Center visited Budapest and participated as observers in the exercises of Hungarian colleagues. As a result of this interaction, the parties declared their interest in the development of professional friendship and discussed the main points of the document defining the parameters of this professional cooperation - the Working Protocol.

The first step in its implementation was the agreement to hold a one-week course on topics on the basis of the Center - rescue from the height and rescue operations in the event of caving with the use of two specialized ranges. During the training, main focus of training was usage of alpine equipment, ascent-descent in unsupported space, evacuation of victims in the conditions of collapse.

It is important to note that for the first time in the Center, training was held at the training ground (former concrete factory) on the extraction from the rubble, passing through reinforced concrete barriers with tools for diamond cutting and concrete breakers.

It is also important that the courses were held under the patronage of ICDO and upon their completion cadets were awarded joint ICDO-RSHC certificates for obtaining a basic level degree.

The Hungarian side highly appreciated the skill of instructors and expressed its interest in further joint work.