Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Summer training sessions of RSHC - "Ibar-2017"

Traditionally, the summer season for RSHC staff is period of preparing its material and technical base and the task force for specialized work on the water - exploring potentially dangerous areas, preparation of boats, wetsuits, life-saving appliances, vehicles, equipment for deploying a field camp, life support equipment and much more. Every member of the Center is included in this work.

Similar trainings are conducted jointly with local colleagues and authorities, and the training places, routes, etc. are coordinated.

The reconnaissance group of the Center, which arrived in advance, conducted reconnaissance of the area, deployed a field camp and studied the features of the water route.

From the local side, more than 180 firefighters participated at training led by Sasa Rancic, who is responsible for the training process of the Sector.

Russian rescuers, A. Shlyapin, D. Korinny, A. Dikunov and A. Zinichenko, demonstrated their skills and ability to work in a team. Employees of the Center actively participated in first aid training under the leadership of representatives of the Red Cross, too.

To note, experts from the Emergency Management Sector had an opportunity to study the methods of rescue on mountain rivers, at the course held in Russia near St. Petersburg in May.