Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

The RSHC and refugees

At the border with Macedonia in Presevo, a ceremony was held on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of the establishment of points of reception and accommodation of refugees in Serbia on June 20th.

In the summer of 2015, Serbia was faced with the problem of thousands of refugees rushing into the country, traveling to other European states. As a result, humanitarian crisis occured that the country's authorities could not solve, and the UN system UNHCR was not ready for a quick reaction.

Then the RSHC once again confirmed the necessity of its existence in this corner of the earth and the ability to react instantly to crises of any kind. Responding to a request by the Serbian Ministry of Interior, the Center was one of the first to provide practical assistance to the country - a group of Russian employees of the Center moved to the Serbian-Macedonian border (Presevo) and to the Serbian-Hungarian border (Kanjiza), with the property and facilities necessary for the deployment of the reception point Refugees - tents, diesel power stations, furnaces, blankets, folding beds, field furniture and utensils. The transferred property provided livelihood of about 1500 people. Later in October, the Center continued this humanitarian activity - tents, stoves, diesel generators and blankets were sent to these points, as well as to the Croatian-Serbian border (Sid).

Representatives of the structures that participated in the process - the Ministry of Labor of Serbia, the UNHCR, foreign embassies, the RSHC and many NGOs were invited to celebrate the anniversary of the deployment of the item in Presevo.

On behalf of the Government of Serbia, the Minister of Labor, Employment, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs, A.Vulin, conveyed the gratitude of the Serbian people for the assistance rendered to the country. A.Vulin emphasized the role of the RSHC, which was one of the first to make a significant contribution to resolving this crisis.