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Euronews about the RSHC | Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center
Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Euronews about the RSHC

The RSHC continues to be in the focus of attention of media, both local and foreign. The special status of the Center, its tasks, and indeed the name itself - Russian-Serbian, do not give rest to publishers. Today, the Center was visited by the correspondent of Euronews in the Balkans, Borjan Jovanovski.

The Center is open for visits, the Center does not hide its activities, the Center does not hide its humanitarian commitment. Mr. Jovanovski had the opportunity to ask, see, shoot all the corners of the Center on the video. The only thing he did not get answers to was purely political questions concerning Serbian-Russian interstate relations, the causes of tension in the world, the reason for the rumors about a "Russian military base in the Balkans", etc.

What will be real in the plot, which will prepare Borjan Jovanovski for his editorial board - we'll see in a week. He promised to send the finished material. Whole staff of the RSHC hope that the real picture of what they saw and heard will help the journalist to form a true opinion about the Center, its activities and opportunities.