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Serbian pupils in Rostov-on-Don | Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center
Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Serbian pupils in Rostov-on-Don

Over the time the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center recognised the great interest of Serbian schoolchildren and young people in firefighting and rescue activities, and thus did a lot - it patronizes schools in Nis, regularly holding open days in the RSHC, in cooperation with the structures of the Emergency Management Sector it organizes participation of Serbian schoolchildren at training camps on the territory of Russia - in Noginsk, St. Petersburg and now in Rostov-on-Don, where a training ground with all the necessary elements was prepared. This project is being implemented by ROSSOYUZSPAS, with the support of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia.

During the week pupils competed with peers from other countries and regions. The program also included training sessions, cultural events and competitions in replicated emergency situations (survival in an autonomous environment, safety at home, safety in the water area, etc.) and having the task of uniting collectives.

As in previous years, Serbian youth showed themselves as prepared and courageous, made friends with Russian peers and even the language barrier was not an obstacle to communication.