Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Centrospas in Vojvodina

One of the important activities of the RSHC, along with the interaction with local professional firefighters, is to work with voluntary firefighters, to improve their training level. In the business of salvation from fire, there are no superfluous people, everyone is important.

Therefore, having received the invitation, the staff of the Center went to the town of Zabalj for the 7th meeting of the representatives of volunteer firebrigades of Vojvodina on June 11th.

In a small town the participants of the meeting were welcomed by representatives of the city administration and townspeople.

A demonstration of fire and rescue equipment was carried out as traditional, operated in the early 20th century, as well as modern. And then the opportunity was presented to everyone who wanted to try their hand at firefighters.

Rescuers of CENTROSPAS EMERCOM of Russia told about voluntary teams in Russia, and their role in the general fire protection system.