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Russian rescuers work with children | Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center
Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Russian rescuers work with children

This week in the RSHC is dedicated to work with the children. Employees of the Center, professional rescuers, were invited to a business school in Nis, where in honor of the celebration of the School Day, the exercises of future firefighters were held. Russian experts were present as observers. Young Serbs demonstrated their level of training and ability to work in a team. Representatives of the Center spoke about the methodology of training and education of the youngsters in Russian Federation.

Further, the operational group of the Center went to Belgrade to the Starina Novak school of general education, where they took part in joint exercises with school pupils, scouts from the Major Dragutin Gavrilovic detachment and volunteer firefighters from Belgrade. The training consisted of a number of stages: evacuation from the building (descent from height), extinguishing a fire with the help of special equipment, searching for victims and providing first aid. It should be noted that both the Russian and Serbian teams worked together and that tasks were successfully accomplished.

The week ended with the departure of the Serbian children's team at the "Future of Russia" sports camp in Rostov-on-Don, where during 7 days the Balkan schoolchildren will compete in the ability to navigate the terrain with teams from Russia and other countries.

The Russian-Serbian humanitarian center is open to the younger generation: we are ready to tell, to teach, to help.