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Specialists from Balkan are studying in St. Petersburg | Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center
Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Specialists from Balkan are studying in St. Petersburg

During the whole week, professional rescuers of the Balkan states passed an advanced training course at the St. Petersburg University of the State Fire Service of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia. The program "Search and rescue operations on mountain rivers" was specially prepared for this group and includes both theoretical and practical components.

Knowledge of ensuring safety during rafting along mountain rivers, technologies for carrying out search and rescue operations in fast water were transferred to students in theoretical studies. Practical training took place in Karelia. For two days the Balkan specialists lived in a field camp and improved the skills of rafting on mountain rivers. Rafting is inherently an extreme occupation, for rafting along mountain rivers you need to have excellent physical training and a high level of self-control. Training conditions are close to real search and rescue operations. In practice, the crew's actions were worked out during the rafting and rescue of drowning people.

At the end of practical training and successful delivery of standards, applicants received certificates of professional development.