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RSHC in Valletta | Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center
Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

RSHC in Valletta

After the invitation from the leadership of the European structure of volunteer rescue organizations, the RSHC staff, implementing the international component of the Center's work, participated in the conference of volunteer rescue services "Rescue volunteers: an unified approach", which was held from May 10th to 14th on Malta. The program included a seminar, practical training and a conference. The event was attended by 28 teams from 12 European countries.

This is the second event of a kind with the participation of RSHC within the framework of this structure. The first was in Greece in 2016.

Together with old friends from the Serbian rescue team (Belgrade) and the Rescue Service of Hungary (Buda), the staff of the RSHC participated in all three stages of this international gathering of rescuers: presentation of information materials about the Center, expansion of international professional contacts, work on the places of blockages in urban conditions, where the rescuer of the Center A. Sokolov surprised colleagues from other national teams with his high professional training and left speechless an observer from the United States.

As part of the briefing on the completion of practical activities, the parties talked about the mechanism and characteristics of the interaction of rescuers: professionals and volunteers, as well as on the unification of the response mechanism for emergencies.