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May 9th - RSHC | Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center
Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

May 9th - RSHC

May 9th is the Victory Day, an important and bright date for both of our nations. This is the day when we remember those who were fighting to the last patron, defending their towns and villages in the most difficult days of the war!

The staff of the Russian-Serbian humanitarian center marked the 72nd anniversary of the victory over fascism by ceremonial laying of wreaths at the monument to Soviet soldiers who died for the independence of the Serbian people in the struggle against fascism on November 7th, 1944.

The monument was made by the initiative of Nis veterans' organizations and support of the Center. The memorial was opened on May 9th 2015, and became one of the most visited places in the city.

The tragic incident took place in November 1944, month after the liberation of Nis from the Nazis. The column of the 6th Guards Rifle Corp of the 57th Army on the way from Pirot to Paracin was suddenly attacked by a group of 27 American aircrafts. In response, 9 Soviet aircrafts took off from Nis airport. They were also attacked, despite the fact that identification signs of the Red Army Air Forces were visible. According to the Central Archive of the Russian Ministry of Defense, 23 Soviet soldiers died.

On this day, representatives of RSHC went to graves of Lieutenant Colonel P. Andreev and Sergeant I. Gizatullin, who were killed right here in October 1944 in a battle with the invaders, as well as to the Monument to the Heroes-Liberators, where together with public, city authorities laid wreaths, mourned the victims.

Happy Victory Day, friends! Let us and our children always have a peaceful sky above the heads!