Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

RSHC Board meeting: perspectives of development and expansion

Within the international forum “RSHC: 5 years at the Balkans” an in-person meeting of the Board of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center was held, at which perspectives of its development were discussed.

The meeting was attended by  following Board members – state secretary of Serbian Ministry of Interior Milosav Milickovic, the lead of Emergency Management Department Predrag Maric, deputy of Russian Emergency Minister Oleg Bazhenov, director of civil defense of EMERCOM Andrey Lutoshkin, deputy director of Department of forces and special fire equipment Evgeniy Saidov.

The ICDO General Secretary Vladimir Kuvshinov attended the Board meeting as a guest, too.

The co-chairman from the Serbian side Mr. Milickovic noted that the current Board meeting confirms that RSHC became the real part of Russian-Serbian cooperation and both sides are striving for its strengthening and development. He added that all the conditions for expanding the Center have been met - the HQ building now belongs to the Center, and it is possible to create new classrooms and dormitory.

In turn, deputy of Russian Emergency Minister and co-chairman from Russian side O. Bazhenov said that the Russian side will continue supporting the work of the Center – replenish its reserves, supply the Sturm training ground, Balkan firefighters will continue their education in Russia, the demining work will continue and there is a hope that the RSHC will become a regional structure.

During the meeting of RSHC Board, the Regulations on the Management Board and the Directorate of the Center were signed, the Plan of the main activities, along with the list of purchased training equipment and assets were approved.

At the end of the meeting, representatives of Russian Emergency Ministry invited Serbian colleagues to take part in the International Salon of Security Means "Integrated Security - 2017", which will be held in Noginsk in June.