Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Russian EMERCOM transfers its experience to Balkan firefighters-rescuers

Fighting with large-scale fires is extremely important theme for the Balkan states since various circumstances: hot and dry climate, old-style cities construction, same as lack of modern machines and equipment in local fire and rescue services.

In accordance with the request of national emergency services, the Civil Defence Academy of the Russian Emergencies Ministry organized advanced training course for experts from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska, Macedonia and company NIS (Oil Industry of Serbia). 16 trainees started with the course on April 17th.

Programme included large amount of practical exercises from Moscow fire units, familiarization with modern technologies and equipment, same as learning the latest firefight techniques.

Such educational trainings are carried out within the framework of the Agreement between the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center and the Civil Defence Academy, which was signed on March 19th, 2015.