Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

The Center reveals its secrets

The political life of Europe is full of events and many of them are taking place on Balkans. These days the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center got attention from the journalists from the United Kingdom, Sweden, the Netherlands and Finland. Johanna Melen from Swedish National Radio, Johanna Turtiainen from Helsinki Sanmat and Roeland Termote from NRC Handelsblad visited the Center. The journalist from Britain didn’t come by some reason.

As usual, RSHC opens all doors to the media representatives. They saw Crisis Management Center and were disappointed: “…. That’s it? How…” Yes, that is it. The Center is working only with the humanitarian tasks. And share its “secrets” with pleasure. And there are no landing pad for airplanes and helicopters.

At the same time, students from two faculties (Faculty of Occupational Safety and Faculty of Security and Criminalistics) of Nis University together with students from Belgorod University visited the Center. The Serbian and the Russian young people got acquainted with the rescue hydraulic tools and tried to use some of them. It was very interesting and informative.

The Russian – Serbian Humanitarian Center is Balkans humanitarian center, open for visitors and ready for cooperation!