Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

NATO aggression

Today Serbia is remembering one of the saddest dates in history - the 18th anniversary of the NATO aggression. NATO operation against Former Yugoslavia had started on 24th of March 1999. NATO forces bombed Yugoslav facilities without UN mandate and state government consent.

Damage to the military and civilian infrastructure was so huge that even after 18 years Serbia didn’t recover from the bombing consequences. Civilian buildings, airports, bridges, and houses were bombed along with military targets. The purpose was to destroy the social and economic potential of Yugoslavia. During 78 days NATO forces hit round 900 targets on the territory of Serbia and Montenegro.

The memorial event called “To be remembered” took place at the Officer house in Nis. Later wreaths were laid to the monument commemorated to the victims of bombing. The Center’s representatives together with others paid a tribute to the memory of the dead. We mourn together with the Serbian people!