Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Nis – Belgorod – RSHC

Group of Russian students from Belgorod University visited RSHC as a part of cooperation between the Center and Faculty of Occupational Safety in Nis.

Nis and Belgorod are twin cities. Every year Russian students are coming to Nis and Serbian students are going to Belgorod. This exchange gives possibility to share experience, to explore culture and, of course, to get to know the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center.

The Center representatives Sreten Dimitrijevic and Aleksandr Shlyapin met with students, they spoke about RSHC activities and achievements during last 5 years. The Russian youth saw new classrooms, training complex “The Rescuer Path” and warehouse.

RSHC would like to show once again that the Center is open for Russian and Serbian young people.