Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Centrospas remembers about RSHC

The replacement for strong and responsible team headed by Ivan Sulaev came from EMERCOM. New rescue squad consist of Valeriy Gubanov, Aleksey Sokolov and Dmitriy Utyuz. They will work now at the Russian – Serbian Humanitarian Center. The head Valeriy Gubanov is working at Russian Emergency Ministry already 20 years. Other newcomers also have wide experience in different rescue fields.

New group will continue activities as a part of Center’s operational group. They will monitor the situation in potentially dangerous places. They will work with Serbian colleagues from Emergency Management Sector, volunteers and students of Serbian schools and universities. Together with Serbian rescuers, Russian group will pass local and international practical trainings and exercises.

Valeriy, Aleksey and Dmitriy, we wish you successful work and good results! Welcome to Serbia, dear colleagues!