Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

March 1st – World Civil Defense Day

World Civil Defense Day is celebrated every year on March 1st. It is special day for RSHC, since the Center works for the development of civil defense system on Balkans. Also, International Organization of Civil Defense got the status of “international institution” on the March 1st 1972. RSHC became its affiliated member in May 2016.

Civil Defense Day is celebrated all-round the world – in Moscow, Belgrade and other places. ICDO congratulated the Center and its staff in special way: by sending to Nis container with equipment for local civil defense units.

The Center’s leadership was invited to the commemorations, organized by Civil Defense department of Republic of Srpska (BiH) in Sarajevo. Training exercises took place there. Same day Jelena Krstic and Tijana Cvetkovic went to the solemn meeting in Nis. Aleksandar Cvetkovic, the head of local municipality, made speech in which he noted the contribution of RSHC in development of civil defense system.

The Center congratulated representatives of all specialized departments and wish success in their hard work!