Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

The training process in RSHC gains momentum

The training process in 2017 started with theoretical classes at Universities in Belgrade and Nis. Now it was time for practical course “Alpine climbing: basis train” at the ground “The Rescuer Path” in period from February 20th to 24th.

The first group consisted of 5 girls and 1 guy. They all are students from the Faculty of Occupational Safety at University of Nis. During training, female trainees had shown high level of knowledge and skills, did not yield the male one.

Centrospas rescuer Nikita Potapov ran the course. It consisted of practical and theoretical parts. The theory was held in new classrooms at RSHC building. The practice were at “The Rescuer Path” and included exercises “ascent and descent on the ropes”, “position fix” and “knots tying”, “zip-line” and few others.

The training complex consists of 12 learning points, but for such basic course only 6 were used. And, of course, in the end there was the exam. All students received high marks from Nikita Potapov.

Two groups per month are planned in spring period.