Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

New knowledge for Serbian youth

Keeping in mind a great interest of Serbian youth to practical classes in emergencies field, RSHC continues the practice of holding thematic classes in high educational institutions of Serbia. This week Ivan Sulaev and Tatjana Petkovic spoke about INSARAG and rescue unit “Centrospas” to the students of the Faculty of Security Studies at the Belgrade University.

The process of elite rescue unit “Centrospas” creation, steps of its growing and development were demonstrated in the informational film. Ivan Sulaev works in it from the very beginning, already 23 years. He spoke about numerous rescue operations. He noted that thanks to high professional training during all these years the unit lost less than 10 rescuers.

The second topic was the system INSARAG – the international consulting group in a field of search and rescue. It was designed to coordinate and unify rescuer work and applicable terminology in order to increase efficiency. Simply speaking: for rescuers from different countries to understand each other better.

Students were active, they asked lot of questions. It is important for the Center that classes have attracted considerable interest of Serbian students. So RSHC plans to continue with such practice.