Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

From Geneva to Nis

The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center became ICDO affiliate member in May 2016. That means that the Center got possibility to participate in ICDO activities and to be a part of united international community of emergency services, including more than 70 member states.

Modernization of Civil Defense system is one of the most important area for the Serbian Emergency Management Sector. Yugoslavia's disintegration affected negatively previously coherent civil defense system.

From the very beginning, RSHC is actively working in a field of emergency management and its development. Its huge part is local civil defense system. Among activities are creation of the material resource base for civil defense units, professional improvement for local specialists in Russia and at the Center training complex, social and educational activities in schools and universities.

Of course, ICDO plays an important role. Since it has human and material resources, huge practical experience, same as duty to help people regardless of their creed, color and formal borders.

Important step in development of practical cooperation between RSHC and ICDO was made on February 21st. The container with instruments and equipment for emergency response was delivered to Nis. It is humanitarian cargo, it is the aid from the heart!

We would like to express our gratitude to the International Organization of Civil Defense!

The Russian – Serbian Humanitarian Center heartly congratulates ICDO leadership and all staff in Geneva upcoming World Civil Defense Day! It will be celebrated on March, the 1st.