Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Balkan emergency experience

International seminar “Regional Countries in Matters of Emergency Response” was held by the Serbian Association of emergency situations in Belgrade on February 3rd. The goal was to exchange emergency experience between Balkan states.

The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center has huge experience in dealing with emergencies: forest fires in 2012, floods in 2014, migrant camps in 2015, humanitarian aid to Albania in 2015 and a lot more.

The seminar was attended by representatives of specialised departments and agencies of Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The seminar was opened by advisor of Belgrade mayor Proda Secerov, detailed reports were presented by chief of the Emergency Management Sector Predrag Maric, Head of the Macedonian Directorate for Protection and Rescue, expert in natural disasters Dusan Sakulski and others.

The Center director Bojan Glamoclija spoke about RSHC training program for local experts in Nis and at Russian EMERCOM universities, as well as about the Center development plans. Codirector Viacheslav Vlasenko familiarised the audience with the Center international activities and ongoing projects.

Summing up the seminar, the Association head Zoran Ignic thanked to everyone for their contribution in a field of disaster relief. He noted that system of civil protection was destroyed after decay of Yugoslavia and need to be rebuilt.

The book “Terrorism and Emergency” written by Predrag Maric was presented on seminar. The topic is highly relevant in current international environment.