Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Training courses in Saint-Petersburg in 2017

During last 3 years the Center had many practical activities. About 300 Serbian experts passed training courses in Russia. Half of them were trained at the St. Petersburg University of the State Fire Service of Russian EMERCOM. Training of Serbian colleagues, along with activities on prevention and elimination of emergency situations, is the important task for RSHC. The University office was opened at RSHC complex in 2014. The Center representatives are invited to conduct lectures at specialised faculties of Belgrade and Nis Universities, Police Academy. Practical trainings are taking place at the Center in Nis.

Delegation from St. Petersburg University (the pro-rector Igor Osipchuk and the deputy head of international cooperation department of Andrey Perlin) visited RSHC on February 2nd.

There was active discussion during the working meeting in the Center. Representatives of local Emergency Management Department (Srdjan Mitrovic, Srdjan Nikolic, Aleksandra Pejcic, Marko Radosavljevic and others) took part in it. All of them passed the professional training courses at University. So they had possibility to see at first hand the high level of provided knowledge and huge base for practical trainings.

At the end of the meeting colleagues from St. Petersburg on behalf of the Rector of the University Eduard Chizhikov awarded director Bojan Glamoclija and co-director Viacheslav Vlasenko with the commemorative medals and gifts. In this way the contribution of the Center team in development of cooperation between Russian and Serbian firefighters and rescuers was marked.

Mr. Mitrovic thanked to the University, RSHC for the possibility to improve professional level in high educational universities of Russian EMERCOM, especially was noted the need for rescue divers training. This winter has shown need to increase knowledge of Serbian experts in this area.

Slobodan Ignatjevic, the representative of company NIS (Petroleum Industry of Serbia), was also present on a meeting. Last autumn he passed the course “Training of Gas Rescuer” at the University. He confirmed the need to improve professional level of Nis rescuers on this topic during the current year in Serbia and Russia.