Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Serbian gymnasium - Russian classroom

In addition to the tasks of humanitarian assistance, the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center is involved in social life as well. The Center cooperates with local educational institutions.

The Center representatives were invited to the gymnasium named after Svetozar Markovic for solemn ceremony of Russian classroom opening on 30th of January, 2017.

Renovation and equipping were conducted under the supervision of the Serbian office of “Russian humanitarian mission” and with the support of NIS (Gazprom representative in Serbia). Classroom equipped with methodical materials: portraits of Russian writers, artists and composers, tables and visual aids, books in Russian.

Representatives of the city administration, heads of Russian companies in Nis and Southern Serbia, Serbs that love Russia and Russian language were among guests. The ceremony itself was held in a warm atmosphere, pupils prepared a theatrical performance in Russian.

Cooperation with educational institutions is not new for RSHC. In 2014 the Russian side of the Center has provided specialised classrooms and laboratories, which are currently used at the Universities of Belgrade, Nis and the Police Academy, and now the Center representatives are holding lectures in these classrooms.