Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

RSHC and Serbian winter

Emergency humanitarian respond and participation in prevention and elimination of emergency situations is one of the Center tasks. For its realisation RSHC has reserves, such as tents, stoves, generators and many other staff that may be useful in extreme conditions.

The equipping of two refugees camps in Presevo and Kanjiza during autumn 2015 was one of the largest humanitarian operations of RSHC. It was done from the Center’s reserves. Bit later RSHC participated in furnishing of migrant center in Sid.

And now, the Serbian winter, made adjustments to the Center humanitarian activities. Snow and ice forced repairmen from Belgrade power plant to go more often to the accident places and stay there longer. And everything that was during snowfalls and low temperatures. The Russian – Serbian Humanitarian Center gave for operational use to Belgrade power plant 2 tents M-10 and 2 heaters.

The plant director Goran Aleksic, his deputies Slobodan Ogrizovic and Reda Al-Jidah thanked to the Center director Bojan Glamoclia and co-director Viacheslav Vlasenko for fast help and understanding. In return the plant leadership was invited to visit RSHC in Nis and to familiarise with its facilities for the future possible cooperation.