Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Training in Nis

Due the realisation of educational program in specialised universities of Serbia Ivan Sulaev and Tatjana Petkovic held “the Russian classes” in Nis University (the Occupational Safety Faculty) on 19th and 20th of January.

Ivan Sulaev shared his knowledge and experience with young Serbs, he spoke about the Russian airmobile hospitals, which are used in large-scale rescue operations, such as earthquakes in Haiti, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Iran and other countries. Those hospitals equipped with the most modern facilities. Its staff consists of 100 people who are able to provide medical consultations, make surgeries and also give psychological support. For example, in Iran in 2003. “… in the city of Bam brick buildings collapsed like card houses… several thousands of people were under the rubble, - Ivan says, - there was small amount of people that were still alive, we were transporting them to the airmobile hospital, to the experienced doctors of the Russian Emergency Ministry.”

The second topic of lectures was the system INSARAG – the international consulting group in a field of search and rescue. It was designed to coordinate and unify rescuer work and applicable terminology in order to increase efficiency. Simply speaking: for rescuers from different countries to understand each other better.

At the end of class, students asked lots of different questions, thereby they show interest in the “rescue” themes.

The next lecture is planned for 27th of January. We would like to believe that such classes are useful for the Serbian young and will help them to choose future profession.