Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Apatin in ice blockade

Due to the extremely low temperatures in Serbia, 90 percents of Serbian rivers were iced up. Such phenomenon was recorded here only three times in past hundred years.

The Center operational group went to the city of Apatin on Danube to monitor the place of emergency. Heavy ice floes destroyed the city's marina, the river channel was blocked, and river was no longer navigable. The city is located along the river bend. So a part of coastal buildings went under the water, and many river boats were damaged.

For today certain number of Serbian specialists passed training courses in Russia. In Saint-Petersburg Serbian divers practiced in a field of cold water rescue under the ice. Thanks to it the operation was hold fast and effective. Divers were working under the ice in order to detect boats and other debris. In addition, they monitored the riverbed for the detection of unexploded ammunition.

The Center representatives together with Predrag Rakonec (the head of local emergency center) monitored the situation and discuss possible directions of further ice moving. The most possible direction is to Belgrade and Novi Sad in few days.

Same day the Center operational group met with the representatives of Emergency Management Sector and Serbian Rescue Team. The most urgent issues for overcoming consequences of “ice days” in Serbia were discussed during the meeting.