Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Winter in Prokuplje and its citizens

During this week, the Center’s operational group participated in unscheduled duty in Prokuplje firefight unit caused by extreme low temperatures and heavy snowfalls.

A number of villages were in blockade, cut off from the outside world. Only Lada Niva from the Russian – Serbian Humanitarian Center was able to come and to provide assistance. The Center’s team together with the Serbian colleagues was on duty, ready to help to local people in need at any moment.

Luckily, the weather stabilised. The Center’s representatives got opportunity to familiarise with the equipment of the local firefight unit. Thanks to the professional diligence vehicles are operable, but unfortunately they are not modern that much.

Local firefighters are thinking positively. Some of them already went for the training courses to Russian EMERCOM universities and now they are sharing gained knowledge with teammates. All of them are optimists and they are sure that very soon their unit will have such operational vehicles and equipment like they saw in Russia.

“…Especially I would like to mention the hospitality of local people, their attitude to Russian rescuers and the Russian people in general… When citizens of Prokuplje saw our uniform and heard Russian speaking person, they were coming to us to express grateful for the assistance, – says rescuer Nikita Potapov -… Serbs shown great hospitality ... and it makes our hearts to become warm and the willingness to help is growing up ...”