Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Glorious anniversary of Serbian southern capital

The most of the Center's representatives are citizens of Nis. They love this southern city and celebrate its anniversaries. The day of liberation from the Ottoman Empire is the important one.

After 5 centuries of Turkish rule Serbian tricolor flag was raised on Nis fortress on 11th of January 1878. 120 soldiers died during fights those days. Among them were Russian volunteers. Soldiers of the Russian Empire were helping to their Slavic brothers to liberate from foreign invaders. Russian colonel Nikolay Rayevskiy was one of them. He died as a hero in battle nearby Nis and was buried on the territory of the St. Trinity’ Church (now it called “Russian Church”) close to the city. Lev Tolstoy used him as a prototype character of Vronsky in novel “Anna Karenina”.

On 11th of January 2017, the city administration celebrated this glorious anniversary. Grand meeting was organized; the most respected people were invited. RSHC representatives, Bojan Glamoclija and Vjaceslav Vlasenko, took part in it also. The city major Darko Bulatovic and city parliament chairman Rade Rajkovic hold speeches. Number of city residents was awarded by memorable characters and certificates.

The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center was warmly greeted by the citizens of Nis. And the Center is ready to continuous to develop safety system and to protect them from natural and manmade disasters.