Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

RSHC: Russian rescuers are not afraid of Serbian winter

Participation in activities for the prevention and elimination of emergency situations is one of tasks of the Russian – Serbian Humanitarian Center. Such extreme situation is taking place now in Serbia: snowfall, strong wind, low temperatures. These “ice days” are causing chaos on the roads and problems with the electricity are their consequences. Many villages are under snow blockade, ambulance and firefighters can not get there since it is impossible to drive on roads. Emergency situation is declared in 11 municipalities.

Under these conditions Lada Niva is the best vehicle that can overcome the snow drifts and go on icy roads. 20 of such off-road cars were provided by Russia via RSHC to the Emergency Management Sector for an operational use.

The Center rescuers work together with the Serbian colleagues. On Orthodox Christmas, they participated in rescue party for missing man from village Hum nearby Nis. And now the Russian rescue team is on duty in the town of Prokuplje, ready to start operation, to deliver food and medical supplies and to evacuate people.

"We will help to people in need in any weather conditions ..., - RSHC rescuer Ivan Sulaev says, - because in Russia cold weather, temperatures below -30 and strong snowfall are not unusual, but rather an early reality. We are ready and know what to do!”