Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

People of the Year from RSHC

Journalists from Serbian media portal “Sputnik” visited the Center on the 12th of December. They were preparing the material about the most important events and heroes of the passing year. And the Russian – Serbian Humanitarian Center was chosen.

The “Sputnik» editors made a New Year's present to the Center by publishing the material about its representatives on the 1st of January, 2017. 3 Russian guys from Centrospas unit (the elite one in EMERCOM of Russia) were chosen as main characters of article.

“…They fought with the forest fires in Israel, worked on the earthquake in Japan, carried out a search operation on air crash in Sinai, and now they are on Black Sea coast where felt down Tu-154... They come when help is needed...”

Three professional rescuers, Ivan Sulaev, Pavel Terehov and Nikita Potapov, work in RSHC now. Each of them has own history and unique recue experience...

Ivan Sulaev is in Russian Emergency Ministry for already 23 years. He participated in numerous rescue operations in Russia and abroad. “…My first operation was the evacuation of people from the center of Moscow during the 1993’ crisis. There is lot of different work, but every time my wife and daughter are waiting for me at home…”, - he is saying.

Pavel Terehov, same as his brother Andrej, is the deep sea diver. They are rescuing for already 19 years. “First I came to the unit and bit later brother also did. It happens sometimes: the older one is following to the younger. To be honest, Andrej is older for only 20 minutes…” – Pavel is smiling. Brothers came to Serbia first time in 2014; they were working on floods in Obrenovac. And now, after two years, brothers are in Serbia again. They are sharing experience with Serbian friends – colleagues and young generation.

Nikita Potapov is the youngest and already experienced rescuer! His specialty is mountain and industrial alpinism. “I am rescuing for 7 years. It was my biggest wish; my parents proud of my choice and support it”, - Nikita said.

Centrospas unit have lost 9 rescuers during the 23 years of work. That's a lot or a little? Rescuers say that “up there someone keeps us and we believe in it ...”.


The original article was published on media portal “Sputnik”: