Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

RSHC on Balkans

The Center has close working cooperation with the Serbian colleagues in relevant areas. RSHC is seen as fully functional international structure that provides help in the field of emergency humanitarian response to Balkan countries that are interested in it. For this reason, the development of working relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is one of the priorities for RSHC.

Last week the Center representatives - B. Glamoclija, V. Vlasenko and D. Lisenko visited BiH (cities Banja Luka and Sarajevo).

They participated in the conference “Platform (strategy) of the Republic of Srpska (RS) to reduce emergency risks” in Banja Luka (the capital of RS). This theme is urgent for the Republic. System of civil protection (national and federal) is on a stage of formation and development. Experience of Russian colleagues is wide and useful. In an interview to local media, B. Glamoclija said: “...The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center cooperates closely with the Directorate for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Srpska, it express mostly in holding courses for local specialists in Russia ...". Within 6 months of current year 8 professionals have been trained in the universities of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. There are plans to increase trainees’ number next year. Specialists from the Federation of Bosnia Herzegovina (5 persons) and the District of Brcko (1 person) passed those courses also.

Minister of Interior Dragon Lukac and Minister of Industry Peter Dokic met with RSHC representatives. Director of Republican Directorate of Civil Defense of the Republic of Srpska Mile Medjed actively participated in negotiations. The signing of “The Protocol of Cooperation” was highlighted.

In Sarajevo RSHC representatives visited Emergency Management Center (the Ministry of Security of BiH). They had negotiations with Samir Huseinbasic (the Head of Department for Structure and Training from the Sector for Civil Protection). Colleagues discussed mainly the further cooperation in the field of professional training.

Later visit to the Operational and Communication Center “112” (BiH) and meeting with its head Aleksandar Mandic was organised. The sides agreed to hold videoconferencing sessions on weekly basis.

The Russian Embassy in BiH provided support at organising the trip. At the meeting RSHC representatives informed Ambassador Peter Ivantsov about results of their visit and plans for further cooperation between the Center and Bosnian emergency services.