Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Obrenovac and Russian Rescuers

The Center representatives Pavel Terehov and Nikita Potapov participated in the celebration dedicated to the day of Obrenovac. This place was the epicenter of catastrophic floods two years ago. All city buildings were flooded. Inhabitants escaped to the upper floors balconies.

Russia was the first who reacted to the disaster. Rescue squad came by airplane IL-76 to Serbia. More than 70 full-equipped rescuers arrived to Belgrade and went to Obrenovac. Among them was Pavel Terehov. It was day-and-night rescue operation. About 2 thousands local residents were saved.

Two years later people's memories about these tragic events and action of Russian rescuers are still fresh. They invited RSHC to visit their city and look to the changes that have been made during these two years (new houses, schools, industrial objects and so on).

Mayor highlighted merits of Russian professionals in saving lives. City administration representatives spoke about achievments and conclusions that have been made after the tragedy in 2014. The best firefighter, the best policeman and the best nurse were awarded. These people will protect local population in case of danger!

Pavel Terehov and Nikita Potapov visited reconstructed building of firefight unit of Obrenovac, drove through the city blocks which were under the water during May floods.

We want to believe that such natural disasters on Serbia land will not happen again, and the brotherhood between rescuers of Russia and Serbia will continue and become stronger!