Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Humanitarian demining: project competed but there are still lots of mines

One of the tasks of Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center is humanitarian demining. Since 2008 Serbian-Russian unit carries out works for Humanitarian Demining of Serbian territories. More then five million square meters of land was cleaned from explosive devices, more than 14 thousands unexploded facilities were found and destroyed. They stayed in ground from the First and Second World Wars, after the NATO bombing in 1999 and the explosion at the military depot in Paracin in October 2006.

The Project “Paracin 8” was completed this year. During 6 months, 652.106 square meters were cleaned, 91 explosive devices were found and deactivated. In the early years deminers were finding 300 items on a weekly basis! Now territory nearby Paracin is suitable for industrial and agricultural use.

The Center representatives visited a unit field base on the day of the project completion. The unit Chief Bogdan Pilipchuk held the briefing about “Paracin 8” results. He noted that mostly mortar bombs and artillery shells were founded. “Cuprija 1” (project for next year) and cooperation issues were discussed. According to B. Pilipchuk: “... the current project completed, but there are still lots of mines in this area...”.

Good to remind, that humanitarian demining is realising though EMERCOM-DEMINING (company of Russian Emergency Ministry) and Serbian structures. Projects financed by Russian Federation. International organisation of civil defense (ICDO) provided extensive assistance.

Serbian Emergency Management Sector asked RSHC for the organisation of training courses on “Humanitarian demining” for local professionals in Russia. It means that state authorities plan to intensify work on clearing land from the “gifts” of wars and NATO bombing.