Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

RSHC and “Firefight training for staff”

The first practical seminar on a topic “Firefight training for personnel in Vojvodina” was organised by Vojvodina Firefight Union in the city of Kovin from 9th to 11th of December. Firefighters from all regions of Serbia participated in it.

This seminar is an important event in a process of creating of the state firefight system, which will unite professional units and rescuers-volunteers.

The Center representatives Ivan Sulaev, Pavel Terehov and Nikita Potapov took part in theoretical and practical parts. They spoke about activities, goals and achievements of Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center, shared personal experience from rescue operations in Russia and abroad.

During the practical training Russian rescuers demonstrated their skills and experience in a field of victim evacuation from height. They introduced to Serbian colleagues Russian concept and technology for industrial alpinism, as well as samples of climbing equipment and facilities.

Well known that training complex “The Rescuer Path” (exercises ground for industrial alpinism) was created on RSHC base in Nis this year. During last six months 7 groups of Serbian rescuers had complex trainings on it. In this way they improve their professional skills.