Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

“The Rescuer” about Center

The newspaper “The Rescuer – EMERCOM of Russia, edition 45, 1st of December 2016 is writing about Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center and its director Bojan Glamoclija.

The article says:

“CENTER OF COOPERATION”. In category “Rescue without Borders” of VII All-Russian Festival “Constellation of Courage” was awarded the director of Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center Bojan Glamoclija.

The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center was established on the basis of the Cooperation Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Serbia on April 25th 2012.

Bojan Glamoclija became the Center director since 2015. Before that he was the chief of Bureau of Assistant Minister and Head of Emergency Management Sector Serbian MI.

In May 2014 after strong rainfalls on Balkans there was humanitarian catastrophe in Obrenovac. Bojan Glamoclija with other rescuers evacuating of local inhabitants and shown himself as good coordinator during joint Russian-Serbian rescue operation.

As RSHC director Bojan Glamoclija was participating in solving out migrant crises on Serbian borders. Other activities: fast and productive development of cooperation with the near-by Balkan states develops, same as holding of professional training courses for Serbian and Balkan rescuers.”