Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

International training at Kopana Glavica

Volunteers from Russian organisation “Russian Rescue Union” came to Belgrade and immediately traveled to Serbian east for the participation in speleological training “Ibrin ponor 2016”. It was organised by Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia in period from 2nd to 4th of December 2016 in mountain place Kopana Glavica at Miroc.

This activity is the second working contact of “Russian Rescue Union” and Serbian Mountain Rescue Service. The first one was in Vladikavkaz, when Serbian team took part in mountain rescue competitions.

Now, in Serbia, at Miroc there are volunteers-rescuers from Bulgaria, Slovenia, Russia and representatives of Emergency Management Sector. The goal was to develop cooperation between professional rescuers, same as the practical training in teamwork, victim evacuation from the caves and dips, its transport to the medical care place. Results summarising and discussing of future plans took place after practical part.

All participants noted the high professionalism of the GSS specialists in the organisation and training holding. Cold weather makes all the participants even more active in fulfilling goals.

The leadership of Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center expressed grateful to GSS and its chief Vladimir Kacuric. We are looking forward to continue productive cooperation.