Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Serbian volunteers on the "Rescuer Path"

On the November 18th, 2016 a week-long group of specialists from the “Serbian
rescue team” a volunteer organization headed by Danilo Budimir, whose
headquarters is located in Belgrade ended their training at the climbing polygon
in the RSHC , called "Rescuer Path".

The course was held by the Russian rescuers from the squad Centrospas of
EMERCOM of Russia.

Russian-Serbian team had worked versions of the rescue operations in
conditions of partially destroyed buildings. The main educational and
methodical point of training was the usage of climbing equipment at industrial
facilities, engineering equipment of artificial points, the rescue forces of the
organized group.

A task of the training was a dynamically changing situation - managers switch,
the action with the limited equipment resources and interchangeability of
equipment devices during the work. Thereby according to the evaluation of Igor
Petrov, the team leader of Russians instructors the Serbian colleagues have
acquired not only technical knowledge but special tactical as well.