Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

RSHC at Serbian Firefighter Day

RSHC representatives leaded by Igor Petrov took part in celebration dedicated to Firefighter Day in the city of Nis on November 7th. On this day the best firefighter of Nis region was awarded. There were demonstration of firefighting equipment and complex training. City residents and guests, especially the youngest, examined the technique with great interest, took the opportunity to sit in a lifeboat, hold firefight tools in their hands and so on.

The training consisted of few steps: rescue from the burning bus, rescue from height using alpinist equipment, evacuation of the victim from car, water rescue, water carriage of the victim to the ambulance place, the victim search with the help of the canine dog. Specialists from the firefight unit, the gendarmerie, the Red Cross were involved in this training.

Local experts demonstrated good action coordination and high professionalism. Rescuers noted that a training dot “descent from a height with the victim on a stretcher” was worked out by local experts at the training complex “The Rescuer Path” based on RSHC.

Will be good to note that two groups of local rescuers already passed the learning course on this training ground. New group will start training next week. “The Rescuer Path” is still improving, new training point adding in accordance with the needs and requests of local experts.